Metaverse social network featuring a TikTok-style NFT marketplace.

Powered by Cardano

Creators need to use different platforms

to amplify their message instead of a single one. This leaves them with little creative time.

First Cardano native Metaverse enabling Tik-Tok style NFTs

to bridge the gap between influencers and their community, allowing them to tokenize their creations and providing a marketplace to bring together sellers and buyers.
Built on top of the Metaverse, YouClout is the first community driven virtual social network featuring an interactive 3D Universe where people can socialize with influencers.

TikTok-style NFT Marketplace.

which runs on mobile as well as other web-enabled devices like your computer.

Creators can generate video content continuously and have it listed and bought with a single swipe

Users can choose to keep the NFT in their wallet or in the treasury smart contract

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VIP Lounge

Each influencer can create their own Y- token. Users purchase it through the platform and gain membership in their community. Each influencer has a limited number of seats in his community with the option to increase it if they run out of seats.

Users can also auction their membership token and resell it on the marketplace.

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Influencer Badges
NFT badges for accomplishments such as: longest conference ever held, largest community etc.
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All minting and selling of the token is done through a smart contract system without human interaction

Each user wallet is private and not controlled by the platform

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Token Utility

Our state-of-the-art conferencing platform is the starting point of YouClout.

We have already developed it and it is empowering creators to communicate directly with their community, amplifying their message across the platform. Using YouClout Conf, influencers can:
Share knowledge with their community and followers
Spread their message and mission
Monetize valuable content in relation with their community
Build genuine connections with their fanbase
Join & organize events in the metaverse such as concerts or gatherings
Create your own custom avatar and trade equipable items
Interact with people & influencers in the CloutVerse; visit their houses or just hang out

YCT Token

The YCT token is powering YouClout and provides influencers and content creators a way to monetize their brand. It also facilitates users’ access to exclusive features, low fees and a better platform experience.

50% discount on NFT purchases for those who have memberships tokens

Access to private conferences for users who hold more than $1,000 in YCT

Team YouClout

Vlad Ionut Stefan
Vlad Ionut Stefan
Mircea Paraschiv
Mircea Paraschiv
Content Supervisor

We are backed by

Our Advisors

Iulian Nita
Iulian Nita

He is a senior researcher and blockchain architect, with more than five years of experience in private blockchain networks, distributed microservices architectures, distributed storage solutions, consensus protocols, cryptography, and self-sovereign identity. He is an ambitious and well-organized architect, specialized in delivering large-scale, complex systems. He is leading the research and development activities with a clear focus on decentralization and distribution, ensuring the scalability of any blockchain-based solution. He has been awarded the Dean's Commendation for Academic Excellence.

Eric Clark Su
Eric Clark Su

Eric Clark Su is CEO at ExNetwork. Tokenized Digital Assets Fund and Incubator.
Eric possesses a unique skillset of rapidly building up development teams from scratch (3x), tackling high uncertainty project and initiatives with outstanding results, and designing user-focused products while balancing business needs. In his career, he has built up 3 teams for his own ventures and 2 development teams as Global In-house Centers for a company in Australia and Singapore.
From his various creative and leadership roles navigating the academe, game development, social networking and the blockchain space, Eric offers a special vantage point that can be invaluable to any organization that values innovation.


Q1 2021
  • Finalize Conference helding platform
  • Software Architecture
  • Integrate Conferencing module into product Architecture
Q2 2021
  • Smart Contract Architecture
  • DevOps infrastructure
Q3 2021
  • Smart Contracts System Development
  • Partnerships and Marketing Kick-off
  • Mobile App Development
  • Smart Contracts Audit
Q4 2021
  • App Store Launch
  • Multichain Development
  • Run First Land Offering
  • First Governance vote for land rights
Q1 2022
  • Buy Land in SandBox & other metaverses where YouClout events will be held
  • Launch custom NFT Avatars for all YouClout users
  • Launch first equipable items for YouClout Avatars
  • Implement post-to-earn features for YouClout users
Q3 2022
  • CloutVerse Alpha Release
  • Build upon the land purchase in the Initial Land Offering
  • Multichain Development